Letter, 14.7.1925, from Gustav Thuve

Object references: RA 318B5, RA 318B6, RA 318B7

Type: Letter

Sender / Author: Gustav Thuve

Recipient: Roald Amundsen

Date: 14.7.1925

Language: Norwegian

English translation

Hr. Kaptein Roald Amundsen

When we write to you here and in this manner, you will be more than a little surprised.
But we must dispense with all doubts, because for us this is a great cause — This is an apolitical and impartial social organization that comprises members from all social classes and which has its work here in Oslo. It is called Arbeider Hjemenes Vel [Arbeiderhjemmenes Vel / The Workers’ Homes Welfare Association].

Its goal is to organise workers’ households into a determined alliance for advancing social causes.

In the coming autumn, we will organize a raffle (bazaar) to raise funds for the Association’s work, and the funds that potentially come in this way will be used first to secure a respectable gathering place in the City – and equally importantly, a communal home for all of the Association’s members outside the city that could then serve as a holiday home and retreat. We had thought that if Hr. Kaptein would present the association with a small gift for this bazaar (raffle), then it would be of colossal value both for the association as such and for the bazaar’s financial results. We would strongly suggest that in this case, it is not then the size of the gift that matters, but the value and joy it will bring to a great number of homes.

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I willl confess straight away that it is I myself who came up with this venture to approach you, but as the association has appointed me chairman and leader of this financial effort, I feel a great responsibility and must use all legal means that can serve to advance the cause.
Since this association is wholly non-political and impartial, everything that can be raised will benefit all homes, as long as they themselves want to be involved and work.
If you wish for a better connection, then I would like to refer you to the Association’s Treasurer and Secretary Miss Anne Halvorsen, Oskars gt. 10, tel. 64,8,5. I would also refer you to the high court lawyer, Otto Morgenstjerne, Karl johans gt. 16, who has allowed the undersigned [me] to contribute in the best way to the best results.

If this association with its honest social endeavours could receive a gift from you, Hr. Kaptein, and you wanted to arrange it so that it could be a joint gift from you and the noble American Ellsworth, then the various workers’ homes, and especially the youth, would be forever deeply grateful to you. At the same time, it must be a pleasure for you yourself to contribute to these social endeavours.

Hoping for a favourable response, I am signing on behalf of the Bazaar Committee

Gustav Thuve, Chairman

Oslo, 14-7-25, Hesselberg gt. no 13, 2nd floor, Oslo

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The Association’s laws and programme are included for perusal.
Likewise, the postage for any reply.
In the event that you want to present the Association with a gift, it can be sent to the Secretary’s address, which is
Miss Anne Halvorsen, Oskars gt. no 10
Or to the undersigned
Gustav Thuve
Hesselberg gt. no 13, Oslo

[Written in a different hand] The South Pole – order from Gyldendal

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