The bathroom has elves on the wall, a bathtub, a bidet and its own bell-push. The room is accessed from the dressing room on the first floor.

The embroidered elves follow the same design as those that hung in the salon on board the Fram during the expedition to Antarctica in 1910, but where Amundsen originally got these from we do not know. The basket in the corner is empty today, but the bottle of pine needle bath remedy on the toilet cistern is half full.

Not many sources refer to the bathroom, but in a letter from 1914, Roald Amundsen writes to his brother Leon that he wants a new sink and tap installed with both cold and hot water. Several sources say that it was possible to fill the bath with either fresh or salt water. When Jørgen Stubberud and his brothers were commissioned to modernize Uranienborg after the Fram expedition, their work included installing a pump to supply salt water from Bunnefjorden for Amundsen’s morning bath.

Above the bath is one of the house’s bell-pushes that were connected to a central indicator panel downstairs by the entrance to the kitchen. The bather could thus call for attention with a simple touch.

The same design of elves that hangs in the bathroom today is pictured hanging in the salon on board the Fram before departure in 1910. Photo: Follo museum / MiA.

The bathroom in augmented reality (AR)

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