Dining room

The dining room lies between the living room and the kitchen and has undergone changes since Amundsen disappeared in 1928. The carpet and the wallpaper are both more recent additions, but the originals are still underneath.

The room still contains some silverware, including the pieces given to Elizabeth “Bess” Magids, Roald Amundsen’s last girlfriend.

On the dresser are decanters and a preserves serving set that comes from Amundsen’s childhood home. In the drawers are several embroidered tablecloths of unknown origin.

Some of Amundsen’s tableware is also on display in the dining room. The rest is privately owned, but this set was presented when the house became a museum in 1934. The plates and cups are decorated with the letters RA in gold.

According to his good friend Lincoln Ellsworth, Amundsen had a marble inlay on the dining table with an engraving of a map of the Arctic, which he later gave to Ellsworth. The marble inlay is today at The Fram Museum in Oslo. But the old grandfather clock and the chairs with the RA monogram are still here.

The door leads into the kitchen and through the red curtains is the living room.

The dining room in augmented reality (AR)

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