The kitchen at Uranienborg holds several stories, but unfortunately few original objects. The room was emptied and cleaned following a water leak in 1933 and we know of no historical photographs. Consequently, we know little of how it looked during Amundsen’s time.

The kitchen has its own external entrance through a short passageway, which also has a doorway to the hall. There is a small pantry with a cellar hatch, and a doorway that leads to the dining room. Several sources describe Amundsen organising the cooking himself, especially if he could prepare grouse, which was one of his favourite meals, but there were also various maids who at times worked at Uranienborg. The 1910 census lists Karen Eriksen (from Tvedestrand) and Emilie Bartolsen (from Hvaler) as maids, but we know little about their lives at Uranienborg.

The kitchen in augmented reality (AR)

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