Roald Amundsen’s house

Roald Amundsen’s house is state property, but is managed by the Follo museum, MiA.

The project to digitize Amundsen’s house has been realized with support from The Savings Bank Foundation, Eckbos Legat, Foundation UNI and Viken County municipality.

A number of museums, archives, libraries and private collectors from around the world have opened up their collections for this project. This has allowed us to work with and make available resources that were previously little known. These sources are valuable pieces in the continuing research and education based around Amundsen’s house.


We continually receive inquiries from private individuals who want to show us objects, letters and photos related to Amundsen. We really appreciate this. If you have any information, please feel free to contact us:

All enquiries
Telephone: 66 93 66 36
The phone will be answered from 10.00-14.00 on weekdays.
Roald Amundsens hjem – Uranienborg
Roald Amundsens vei 192,
1420 Svartskog