The ground-floor toilet has doors to the vestibule and the hall.

The room is decorated with pictures of Netsilik Inuit that Amundsen came to know during the Gjøa expedition through the Northwest Passage. On the door is a picture of Manni, who is cleaning fish on board the Gjøa. Manni wanted to travel with the expedition to Norway, but died in the summer of 1906. On the window by the washbasin is Kagoptinner. An image of Onaller carrying her son once decorated a second window, but is now sadly indistinguishable because of light and water damage.

The metal mirror, towel rail, basket for used towels, and brush and dish belonged to Roald Amundsen. The only recent addition is the notice on the toilet seat that says that the toilet is blocked and must not be used.

The toilet in augmented reality (AR)

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