Living room

The living room is full of different stories from Amundsen’s life. From the ceiling hangs a model aircraft received from the Dornier Wal factory before the expedition in 1925. By the stove is a rock Amundsen picked up from Mount Betty, Antarctica, and on the walls hang paintings and pictures from his expeditions and private life.

The armchairs and sofa come from Amundsen’s childhood home, as do the large clock and piano. It is not known which of the sheet music on the piano Amundsen preferred, but some sources claim that he liked to play when he was at home. The piano was on board the polar ship Fram during the expedition to Antarctica in 1910.

Several changes have been made to this room over the years; both the wallpaper and the stove have been replaced since Amundsen moved in in 1908.

The living room in augmented reality (AR)

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