Uranienborg exterior

Roald Amundsen bought Uranienborg in 1908, but the house and property have a long history.

The house itself was built around 1865 in Swiss style. The property originally belonged to the Bålerud farm, and went under the name Rødsten.

After acquiring the property in May 1908, Amundsen immediately began an extensive modernization in collaboration with local architect Fridtjov Grann-Meyer and the carpenter brothers Jørgen, Hans, and Harald Stubberud. All floors and ceilings were replaced, new windows and doors were fitted, and the bathroom upgraded, with a pump installed to supply salt water from Bunnefjorden for Amundsen’s morning bath. Outside, the area around the house was levelled and roses were planted in the garden.

When Amundsen bought the properties at Svartskog in 1908, he let his former nanny, Betty, move into what had originally been the brewhouse next to the main house. They called it “Betty’s House”.

After returning from the Fram expedition in 1912, Jørgen Stubberud was engaged to further modernize Uranienborg. He extended the blue room to enclose what had been an open porch on the south-east corner of the house and changed the entrance area. He also installed a wall between the bedroom and the dressing room.

Uranienborg in augmented reality (AR)

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