Dressing room

The dressing room is located on the first floor between the study, bedroom and bathroom and has a small south-facing balcony. The wallpaper is colourful and there are three large mirrors in the room. Here, Amundsen could wash, dress and brush his teeth. The cabinet beneath the sink still contains a toothbrush, bottles, ointments and lozenges.

The wall that now divides the dressing room from the bedroom was installed by Jørgen Stubberud during the modernization of Uranienborg after the Fram expedition.

Few items of clothing remain today, but on a stand by the wash-basin hang six shirt collars and on top of the wardrobe sit a top hat and a bowler hat. Inside the wardrobe is a blue yukata with a polar bear pattern. Here, as in several rooms, there is a bell-push that was connected to the indicator panel down by the entrance to the kitchen. In this way, Amundsen could easily call for assistance.

The dressing room has doorways to the bathroom, bedroom and study.

The dressing room in augmented reality (AR)

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