This was the room in which Amundsen could work. Several expeditions were planned here, letters were written and telephone calls answered. He even had an exercise spring installed in the floor so that he could continue his strength training.

The study contains objects from several different expeditions: the stuffed penguin from the Belgica expedition, the portrait of Fridtjof Nansen that hung in the salon on board Gjøa, and, not least, “Marie” – the stuffed polar bear cub from the Maud expedition.

There are also insights into other details of Amundsen’s life: the desk calendar from 1928 contains the last notes he left before he disappeared, a drawer in the desk contains several keys to locks we have yet to identify, and the pictures on the walls reveal who he would surround himself with. It is said that Amundsen preferred to work outside on the glass veranda with a view over Bunnefjord.

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