Children’s room

In the years 1922–24, the two girls Camilla and Nita lived at Amundsen’s home and this was their room. We don’t know exactly how the room was used in the years before and after, but as a guest room or storage room seems conceivable.

The medicine chest in the corner was acquired by Amundsen for the planned expedition across the Arctic Ocean, but when the Maud set sail after many years’ delay, the chest wasn’t taken. It consequently remains intact and full of medical supplies and equipment.

By the door to the box room is a Japanese wall hanging given to Amundsen during his lecture tour in 1927, and in the recess is a wicker chair similar to those that saw service on both Fram and Maud.

Doors from the children’s room lead to the box room and the hall.

The children’s room in augmented reality (AR)

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