Gjøa purchase contract, 19.1.1901

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Type: Contract

Sender / Author: Hans Christian Johannesen

Recipient: Roald Amundsen

Date: 19.1.1901

Language: Norwegian

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Purchase contract.

The undersigned Captain H.C. Johannesen and Captain Roald Amundsen hereby jointly declare today that they have entered into this contract.
I H.C. Johannessen hereby sell to Mr. Roald Amundsen my own hunting vessel “Gjøa” with its now associated inventory, Arctic hunting gear and casks, 2 – two – hunting boats and 1 – one – stern boat all in good safe condition for a purchase price of Kr. 9750 – nine thousand seven hundred and fifty kroner – whereof Kr. 2750 – two thousand seven hundred and fifty kroner – payable before the end of January, Kr. 2000  – two thousand kroner – by Mr. Amundsen’s arrival in Tromsø, and upon the ship’s takeover, the remaining amount Kr. 5000 – five thousand kroner – payable to Mr. Merchant Poul Figenschou with Kr. 1,000 per year <at> 5% interest, the first time.
I Roald Amundsen undertake to provide a sufficient self-debtor’s surety for Kr. 5,000 – five thousand kroner.
I H.C. Johannessen guarantee the vessel is free of encumbrances and the title is in order.
Authenticated Tromsø 19. Jan. 1901.

                                          H.C. Johannesen

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