Brev, udatert, fra ukjent italiensk korrespondent

Objektnummer: RA 318B26

Emne: Brev

Avsender/ forfatter: ukjent italiensk korrespondent

Mottaker: Roald Amundsen

Dato: ukjent

Språk: Engelsk

🔍Stort bilde, RA 318B26

Transkribert versjon

Grand Hotel


Mr. Dr Amundsen,

                        I should be glad to be received from you.

I desire to send today some informations to the “Illustrazione Italiana” of Milan with a collection of pictures of your wellcome here, that I bout yesterday.

I leave Oslo tonight at 6.50.

With my thanks, I am, Mr. Amundsen,

                                                           Your faithfully

                                                                       Cpt Bazzan

Travelling correspondent of the “Corriere Mercantile», Genoa and ”Idea Nazionale», Rome.

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