Letter, 27.5.1920, from Thora Hansen

Object reference: RA 318B57

Type: Letter

Sender / Author: Thora Hansen

Recipient: Roald Amundsen

Date: 27.5.1920

Language: Norwegian

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English translation

Kristiania 27 May 1920, Sorgenfrig. 37.

Her. Kaptein Amundsen.

                Dare I be so bold as to send you the enclosed little package? The package contains a pair of black woollen socks that I have made for you.

                As an old minister’s wife, I have got used to spinning wool. I buy wool in Hûrdalen, spin the wool and then knit socks for my 12 grandchildren. One pair for every birthday. This year I have spun and knitted for 13, and if Herr Amundsen will do me the great pleasure of wearing my stockings, there will be five ready-made pairs for him on the day when we shall meet him with jubilation and joy at Kristiania harbour.

                Yours with respect and admiration,

Thora Hansen.

(Widow of Provost H.E. Hansen, Moss.)

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