Desk calendar, 1928

Object reference: RA 0187

Height: 9.5 cm

Length : 21.0 cm

Width: 14.0 cm

Materials: wood, metal, paper

Style / Maker: Bloc Shannon / Unis Shannon France

In the Uranienborg study is a French desk calendar on which some of Roald Amundsen’s last notes are written. It has been there on his desk since he left home for the final time on 16 June 1928. Only thirteen pages bear his notes, with the last made on 11 June, but there is also a note written on the back of the page for 9 July, apparently by Roald’s nephew, Gustav “Goggen” Amundsen.

Foto: Follo museum, MiA
B. 28/3
The fjord ice breaks up at 2 pm
First butterfly
White wagtail today
Has been seen in the “village” Easter Eve [Easter Saturday] — 7th
First hepatica
— bumblebee
Excavation of basement begun
Lovely warm summer day
W. sets outs Byrd’s sledges
The first birch comes out
Sowed vegetables
The cuckoo
The swallows are building
Hassel died 5.15 pm
Prentice. 12 noon
Jugcord N4.
Italias crew needs immediate assistance. Stop. Can get suitable plane & best possible pilot & fly there in very short time. Stop. I need $ 60,000. Will your friends finance this.
On the reverse of the page for 9.7.1928 is what looks like a draft of a telegram that Gustav “Goggen” Amundsen sent to Fritz Gottlieb Zapffe on 20.7.1928. The telegram itself is now kept at the National Library of Norway. Photo: Follo museum, MiA.

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